What is eBay?

Welcome to eBay: the most exciting place to shop in the world. You'll get a buzz from browsing and buying from an amazing selection of products.

You don't have to register to take a look at what's available but you will need to register if you want to buy or sell.Register today.

How do I buy?
Trading on eBay is easy and fun. You can choose to "Buy-it-now" and get what you want right away, or you can bid on items and bag a great bargain!

Then just sit back and wait for your item to be shipped to you - you’ll never have to queue again!

How do I sell?
Selling on eBay is simple. Millions of people just like you are earning extra cash or earning a great living from selling on eBay.

To start selling, you need to just create a seller account, take a photo of your item and you’re ready to go!