A smarter way to keep your kids safe online*

Kids spend an average of 40 hours a month online. It’s important for you to know how your kids are spending their time online, so you can provide the same level of parenting you do in other areas of their lives. Norton Family gives you insight into where your kids go and what they do online. So you can keep them safe and teach them good Internet habits.

Easy-to-read activity reports give you the inside scoop on what your kids do online. In just minutes, you can find out what sites your kids visit, what they search for, who they chat with**, and what social networking sites they spend time at. You’ll get to know your kids better and gain a deeper understanding of their online interests, so you can protect and guide them.

Easily manage your kids’ computer time Spot potential dangers before they become problems Know what your kids are really doing online

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* Available on desktops only,depending on configurations.
** Not available in all regions.